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    12 Parodies Of Sonic Youth's "Goo" Album Cover

    The iconic image has been mashed up with Star Wars, Arrested Development, Breaking Bad, Batman, and more.

    This is the cover of Sonic Youth's 1990 album "Goo"

    It's one of the most iconic record covers in the history of indie rock, and was drawn by the artist Raymond Pettibon based on this old photograph. The cover has been used on a lot of merchandise, and has been parodied many times over. All of these images were found on a Tumblr called Goo Mashups, and some were created specifically to appear on that site.

    1. Star Wars

    2. Batman and Robin

    3. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg

    4. Breaking Bad

    5. Goofy


    Drawn by Kieran Gabriel.

    6. Cat


    You know, just...cats.

    7. Arrested Development

    8. Scott Pilgrim

    9. Twin Peaks

    10. Bert and Ernie

    11. Love and Rockets

    12. Adventure Time