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    11 Cool Things Made From Old Cassettes

    You're probably not going to listen to your old tapes, so you may as well make stuff out of them.

    1. Nano Cases


    Contexture Design made these iPod nano cases from old cassettes as a limited edition of 45, all of which sold out.

    2. Tape Chair


    OOO My Design's chair made out of cassettes is probably not very comfortable, but it looks very cool.

    3. Cassette Wallets


    There are several methods to make your own cassette wallet, here's a how-to for this design.

    4. Cassette Skulls


    Sculptor Brian Dettmer makes skeletons out of melted tapes.

    5. Coat Rack


    6. Tape Portraits


    The artist Erika Iris Simmons makes portraits of famous musicians that integrate tape unspooled from cassettes. This is her rendition of the young Bob Dylan.

    7. Belt Buckles

    8. Cassette Lamp

    Transparent House makes stylish lamps out of old tapes.

    9. Cassette Closet


    Patrick Schuur's design was built from 918 tapes, and it serves as a room divider and storage closet.

    10. Jewelry Box


    This design by Reclaimed Wreckage is made from 14 recycled tapes.

    11. Cassette Keyboard


    This sculpture of a piano made from various types of cassettes was created for a Harvey Nichols window display.