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Here's The Amazing Story Of How 10cc Recorded "I'm Not In Love"

The '70s soft rock classic is a hit again thanks to being featured in Guardians of the Galaxy. Did you know that it was actually a major breakthrough in studio recording?

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One of the best songs on the mix is 10cc's 1975 smash "I'm Not In Love," which is used at the very beginning of the film. It's a gorgeous, emotional song, but it's also a major breakthrough in studio engineering.

The atmospheric quality of the song was created through a painstaking process of sampling and layering vocal parts, and arranging them carefully on tape. They essentially used their studio mixing console like a sampler, years before they existed.

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This audio documentary from 2009 tells the story of how the band created this distinctive sound by using many audio techniques that are now common for the very first time.

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The amazing thing about this documentary is that they take the track apart, and allow you to hear individual parts of the song in isolation. They also unearth a lead vocal part that was removed from the bridge section.

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