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What's Your Biggest "Shoot Your Shot" Moment, And How'd It Turn Out?

Maybe you quit your job to pursue your passion, or you finally filed for divorce.

We're about a week into 2022, and even though we're still in this pandemic, I'm feeling inspired to shake things up.

So, I want to hear from y'all: What's a time in your life that you stepped far out of your comfort zone, took an epic risk, and were so proud that you did so?

And what'd you learn from it? Whether or not it worked out the way you wanted, there's always a lesson in the choices we make. 

Did you study abroad in a new country, where you knew absolutely no one, and end up finding yourself?

Tourist exploring Bangkok, Thailiand while holding map in front of Wat Phra Kaew temple

Maybe you came out to your parents, despite not knowing how they'd react, and now you're closer than ever.

Middle aged mother hugging her young adult son while family outdoor cookout is happening in the background

Perhaps you're adopted, tracked down your biological parent, reached out to them, and discovered a whole new family.

Man taking family portrait with smartphone during dinner party in restaurant

Or maybe you chose to be a single mom, and you're so proud of the woman your daughter's growing up to be!

Woman working from home in kitchen while teenager daughter hugs her

Could it be that you spotted a cute guy at the book store, paid for his book, asked him out for a cup of coffee, and now you're engaged?

Portrait of a young man in a bookstore at the mall

Or perhaps you quit your stable day job to pursue a passion, and now you're living a life you always dreamed of.

Awkwafina (L) and Joel Kim Booster perform onstage during 'The Joy F*ck Club' in the Room 415 Comedy Club during Clusterfest comedy festival

I want to hear it all. Drop your risk in the comments (or this anonymous Google form if you prefer to be private), and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.