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College Students And Alumni, Share Your Advice For Those Pursuing A Degree In Your Major

We want to know.

Summer's still in full swing, though it's only a matter of weeks before autumn arrives and college freshmen experience campus for the first time, while returning students balance focusing on school with stressing about what happens after graduation. For alumni and students close to becoming one, there's likely a ton of things you'd do differently, academic-wise, knowing what you do now.

I'm all for spreading knowledge, so I want to hear from current college students and alumni: What advice would you give for students pursuing your specific major?

Maybe you graduated university with a degree in computer science, and your biggest tip for incoming freshmen is to land an internship as soon as possible — you learned more about framework and rewriting code in your ongoing three-year internship than you did in the classroom.

Perhaps you're in the final year of your university's undergraduate film program, and your best piece of advice is to reach out to graduate students in the film department and be a crew member on their shoots. After all, it's all about connections when it comes to working in film and television.

camera operator

Maybe you initially went into college undeclared, and your advice to anyone doing the same is to pick a major that's interesting and marketable because of its transferrable skills — you don't end up always getting a job in what your majored in anyway.

aaron in "grown-ish" delivers a speech during graduataion

Or perhaps you hold a masters in clinical psychology, and your advice to aspiring therapists is to consider going back to school for a masters in social work instead of a PsyD. You've seen how licensed clinical social workers with a masters in social work are in super high demand, and can also be therapists anywhere.

therapist listens

Share your major-specific advice in the comments (or through this anonymous Google form if you want to be more private) — you might just help another student out, and be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.