People Are Divulging Kinky Sex Things They Tried And Ended Up Loving, And I'm Honestly Impressed

    "It felt way better than I thought, and the control is pretty hot."

    Note: This post is in no way meant to kink-shame. Kink-shaming is 100% not welcome/not OK, and when a sex act is safe and between consenting adults, there's no need for scrutiny.

    I'm always curious to learn new things to add to my pretty vanilla sex life. After all, who doesn't love toppings?

    So when u/bbw__babex asked folks, "What is something someone asked you for during sex that you thought was 'weird', but you did anyway, and ended up loving?" I knew I was going to be learning today.

    Here are some of the most enlightening responses:

    1. "Getting bitten. He was giving me hickeys, suddenly stopped, and just starting biting my neck. While he was doing it, I hated it. But the next day, when I saw the red marks with the slight indents, I found it to be the hottest thing ever."

    2. "A guy asked me if he could spit in my mouth. It surprised me, but I let him because I’m very submissive in bed. Honestly, it was a huge turn-on."

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    3. "Degrading and being dominant towards my man. I’ve always been much more submissive, so when my boyfriend asked to switch the roles I wasn’t sure how much I’d like it or if it would even feel natural...but it felt so good. And it turned him on wildly. It was so hot."

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    4. "My ex-girlfriend and I were browsing porn together and we stumbled upon a lesbian piss scene. We decided to watch it, and then part way through she jokingly suggested that she should piss on me. We were already in a dom/sub, BDSM/kink dynamic, where she was the dominant one. I sort of joked back that she should. Then we both sort of just said, 'Eh, let’s at least try it.' She drank some more water, we went to the shower, I got on my knees and she proceeded to piss on my tits. Talk about an awakening moment."


    5. "I knew I liked being tied up before and choked, but a guy asked to put a collar and leash on me while we fucked. I obviously said yes. I wanted to try it out and he'd never done it before and was excited to. At first, I didn't know how I felt about it, but when he used it to force me to my knee to blow him, it was like a switch flipped. It felt way better than having my hair pulled, and the degrading control is pretty hot."

    6. "The first time my boyfriend asked me to milk his prostate. That was hot! The cum had a deliciously sweet taste to it."


    7. "Mine was using ice cubes — game-changer. I love them on my nipples."

    8. "This woman I was dating in college gave me a surprise rim job and I came so hard."


    "At first I was like, 'No way.' Next thing you know, I had soaked through the mattress." —u/Daintylittlesole

    9. "I dated a woman who always wanted to make a man eat her creampie. When we tried it, it was my first time cumming in her. Before I even got to enjoy it, she put both hands on my shoulders and pushed me down between her thighs. I licked up every drop while getting her off...and I loved it so much. I was instantly hard and we fucked again."


    10. "A guy started licking my asshole while he was fingering my pussy. Normally not into butt stuff, but it felt so good, so I just let him do his thing. Then he slipped a finger in as he kept licking it, while still fingering my pussy with his other hand. It was like a symphony of sensations."

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    11. "Just as I was about to come, she made me pull out so she could watch it explode. I didn't realize how much that would tickle my exhibition kink."


    12. "One woman I was with in my college days told me to choke her. My hands are huge and her neck was small, so I hesitantly obliged. She looked me in the eyes and said 'Choke me, you pussy.' I was more irritated than insulted. I obliged and I felt her tighten around me. We ended up doing more stuff like slapping, spanking, and using ropes down the line. I realized through her that I'm really into rough play."

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    13. "I stopped to take a pee break and she had to go as well. There was only one toilet. She went first, then spread her legs, and told me to go ahead and pee between her thighs. It was a huge turn-on. And unfortunately only happened that one time."


    14. "Hitting him and humiliating him. I love the feeling of having power and control."

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    15. "Back-scratching. And I'm not talking light gentle scratching. I'm talking about digging in and leaving marks, like you got on the wrong end of a pissed off cat. My first girlfriend surprised me with it. It sure turned me on when she did it."

    "I didn't realize how much she was digging in until one day during a swim, when my buddy saw my back a little while after I had been with her. He was like, 'What the fuck happened to you?!' At first I was against any kind of 'pain,' and she opened my eyes to so much fun stuff." —u/justsumsquirrel

    16. "My current boyfriend has a foot fetish. I love how much he loves it. I don't find myself asking him to suck my toes or lube up and fuck the arches of my feet, but I get real worked up when he asks to do it. It's really hot to share something like that, even when it isn't necessarily my kink."

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    17. "My husband has wanted me to sit on his face for years and years. I wasn’t against it but I didn’t feel confident enough in my body to be okay with being on top of his face. I finally decided a couple weeks ago that I was going to do it the next time he asked. I felt the time was right. Just last night, I was giving him head and it was getting pretty hot, when he told me to turn around. I knew what he meant, so I went for it. Any insecurity I’d had before that moment about sitting on his face immediately dissolved because he was very clearly enjoying himself a great deal. And it was fun as fuck to grind on him."


    18. "Shot my cum on a lover's nipples. She told me to lick them clean. That was 30 years ago, and I've been licking up my cum ever since."


    19. "Pissing on my ex's clit. She had a waterproof vibrator and she wanted me to piss on it as she was cumming. She went absolutely bonkers. Seeing her enjoying it so much turned me on a lot."

    20. "Having my pussy slapped. Not hard, just a little pop."


    21. "They were sucking on my nipples, then stopped and looked up to ask, 'Can you lick your nipple?' I started to do it without hesitation. Then they started licking it too and our tongues were swirling together on my nipple. It felt quite amazing and was accompanied with intervals of deep throat tongue kissing throughout."

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    22. "While giving a blow job, she asked if she could kiss me when I finished in her mouth to play with my cum together."


    23. "She asked if she could hold her vibrator on my dick. I definitely recommend it. Let it happen, fellas."

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    24. "I asked my partner to masturbate to orgasm with the head of his cock just brushing my lips. It was the hottest thing ever."


    25. "Had two fingers inside her. She reached down and pushed a third in, then a fourth, then taking my hand to the widest part."


    26. "Tearing her panties off, literally ripping it in two and pulling it off. I found out how much I enjoy using my brute force to rip something apart to get to her, and since then I’ve torn up quite the collection."

    27. "This woman was riding me and I was cuffed to the bed. I was about to pop and she jumped off but didn’t jerk me off. For like 30 seconds, I fired ropes of cum all way up to my neck and chin. It was, to this day, probably the hardest I’ve ever came."


    28. "My current girlfriend loves when I pour candle wax on her. We started with a little bit and liked how she responded. So now I cover her all over her back and front, a little on the thighs. I have now introduced ice cubes for a little sensory overload. But the new thing is to drop a couple water lines on her with the cube and then pour the wax on those lines as it rolls down her skin...she gets a jolt and moans. It's just a turn on in general now."

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    29. "An ex-friend-with-benefits came out of the blue and asked me to walk over him in my heels. I was only 18 and had only ever been the more submissive partner, so I was worried I would hurt him. But he absolutely loved it, and it also ended up waking my Domme side."

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    Did you pick up on anything you want to try out with your own partner? Or what's a kink you tried out yourself and discovered actually feels really good to you? Let me know in the comments.

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.