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Queer Women, What Do You Think Gay Men Need To Stop Doing Since Yesterday?

Just because we're all queer doesn't mean us (relatively) privileged gay men can say offensive things to gay women.

So Amazon is dropping a new reality show called Tampa Baes that follows a chosen family of Florida lesbians and other queer women in The Sunshine State. And honestly, it already looks like a banger.

(Top) A playbook-style drawing shows who in the "Tampa Baes" cast have dated or hooked up with each other (Bottom) Cast members give a nude woman a champagne shower during a celebration

The lack of queer female programming got me thinking how unfair it is that so much LGBTQ+ representation continues to center exclusively around gay cisgender men.

And that's why I'm passing the mic to my queer sisters out there. Lesbians and other queer women: what do gay men do or say that you seriously wish would stop happening?

I want to hear about your experiences.

Maybe you and your girlfriends don't like going to gay bars because you've had too many run-ins with a condescending twink who interrupts your night with, "You know this is a gay bar, right?"

Or maybe you and your wife were cozying up while in line for a party when a queer dude you didn't even know asked you who's the bottom in your relationship...and you really wish that'd stop happening in public.

A cast member of "Tampa Baes" holds back her tongue during a conversation at a Pride party

Does your gay older cousin still not take your relationship with your girlfriend seriously because you've dated guys in the past, so he thinks this is a phase?

Maybe you feel invalidated whenever you talk about sex with other women and your close gay male friend dismisses the conversation with, "I can't hear this, vaginas gross me out."

Or perhaps your co-worker was being extremely sexist towards you, and when you called him out, he incorrectly said he can't be sexist because he's gay himself.

Drop your thoughts in the comments (or via this anonymous Google form if you prefer anonymity) and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post. The only way our community grows stronger together is if we're honest with each other. 🏳️‍🌈

*gay rights*