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If You're Queer, Tell Me About The Date That Went So Hilariously Wrong

Sometimes the difference between the worst date ever and the best story ever is time.

With Pride month approaching, even more love is in the air. But not every love story ends in romance — some of them involve more than their fair share of disaster.

"Fire Island"

So, fellow queers, I want to know: What is your dating horror story that you'll never forget?

I want to hear all about it.

Perhaps you and your childhood crush were finally going on the fairytale first date you'd always dreamed out...until her ex-girlfriend showed up, threw a glass, and caused a scene at the bar — a horrible memory you two still bond over.


Maybe you and your Grindr-date were really hitting it off at his beautiful, huge home. Then, you heard the garage door open. And before you knew it, you were being swiftly told how to escape through the backyard so his wife and kids wouldn't catch y'all.

Clothes on floor

Did you and your gym crush finally leave the flirt-zone and go on a post-gym date where you discovered you never want to eat out with them again after they slurped full-bowls of soup, degraded restaurant staff, and left a horrible tip, yet were annoyingly good at eating you out?

Two women at table texting separately on their phones

Perhaps you hit it off with someone from a Pride celebration, went on a few dates with together, agreed to go home to visit her family, and right before you two rang the doorbell, she dropped on you that she's not 'out' to her family and that you two are "friends" or "roommates" for the weekend.

"Happiest Season"

Or maybe you met someone cute at a bar, went to their place, and while using their bathroom, clogged their toilet beyond quick you escaped through the window and never spoke to or saw them again.

person sneaking out window

Share your queer dating horror story in the comments (or through this anonymous Google form if you prefer to be private) and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.

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