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People With So-Called "Average" Jobs And Lives, Tell Us About What You Do And Why You Do It

Not everyone is hustling to climb the corporate ladder, launch a start-up, or make it big in showbiz.

In today's society, we're often praised for valuing our career over our personal lives — particularly in the US, where capitalism reigns supreme and having a "side hustle" can be seen as a flex, whether it's out of necessity or passion. We're always pushed to pursue more and even frown upon jobs that have clearly proven to be essential, like those in the customer service industry.

We all have different values, skills, and circumstances in life, and not everyone decides to pursue fame or a corporate identity. In spite of this, we don't often hear the stories of people who aren't hustling to climb the corporate ladder, launch a start-up, or make it big in showbiz. In reality, though, those of us with so-called "average," "mediocre," or "ordinary" careers and lifestyles make up the majority.

So, I want to know: People with "average" jobs and lifestyles, what do you do, why do you do it, and how do you actually feel about your circumstances?

Maybe you've held the same job with city sanitation for years now, and while your brother is always trying to encourage you to go back to school for another degree, you're actually really happy with your life. You like your co-workers, there's no work to take home with you, and you're able to provide and spend time with your family.

sanitation worker

Perhaps your mother has been making tacos on the corner outside your home ever since you were a kid to help put food on the table, and even though you're out of the house and have your own professional job now, she's still cooking — she takes pride in feeding the block, and you see that now.

taco stand

Do you work at your local pet supply store and, even though you're comfortable with your life the way it is, are becoming increasingly disillusioned with your situation because of strangers' opinions on your reliable job?

pet store employee

Or maybe you're a single person with no desire to have a huge house, a family of your own, or kids. You're content with your studio apartment, entry-level job, being there for your friends, and falling asleep to an episode of a HBO Max series.

watching tv

However you feel about your "ordinary" life, I want to know what your day to day looks like and your honest opinion on it. Share your point of view in the comments (or through this anonymous Google form if you wish to be private) and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.