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Tell Us Why You Suspected Your Cheating Partner Was Having An Affair, And What Your Relationship Together Looks Like Now

The heart, at first, does not see what it does not want to.

Confronting a cheating partner is painful. You're forced to not only address their infidelity, but the state (and future) of your relationship together. It gets even muddier when you're married and have a family together. That's why it's common for those being cheated to not speak up first, whether it be out of denial, fear, or an unwillingness to handle heartbreak.

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We've been hearing stories of famous couples being rocked by public affairs, and now I want to hear from people who aren't in the limelight: If you knew (or suspected) your partner was cheating and didn't say anything at first, what were the warning signs? And what's your relationship like now?

Perhaps you suspected something was up when your husband grew distant, was always working late, and put a passcode on his phone, but you were so fed up that you just became numb. So you didn't have the energy to speak up until your family did. But you two chose to stay together and work it out — now, you have children and share a love that's stronger and kinder than ever.

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Maybe you saw a late night text notification from your future wife's boss on her phone and got a pit in your stomach. Soon after, you broke off the engagement when you confirmed she was having an affair with her boss. You haven't talked to your ex-fiancé since.

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Or maybe your boyfriend has a history of cheating, and you wanted to believe that he changed so that he could stay in your daughter's life and you could both continue growing your family together. Unfortunately, you were wrong. Now you're heartbroken, your friends and family are telling you should have known better, yet you still love him.

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Your side of the story is important, and it could help others navigating a similar situation. So, if you suspected your partner was being unfaithful and stayed quiet at first, let us know how things turned out in the comments (or through this anonymous Google form) — your truth could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.