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    This Brand-New Girl Scout Cookie Is A Sister Cookie To Thin Mints, And This Just Might Be The Beginning Of A Sibling Rivalry

    You know Thin Mints, right? Well, this is her fruity sister.

    Last week, Girl Scout corporate teased that a brand-new flavor was coming to their cookie squad. And I swear on the life of my local Girl Scouts troop that the world briefly came to a halt as I knew it. What ever could this new flavor be?

    I racked my peanut-sized brain trying to figure out the new flavor. Then, a package from Girl Scout corporate arrived. I tore into it and discovered my answer. Y'all...we're finally getting another fruit flavor. Her name? Raspberry Rally.

    author holding box of raspberry rally cookies

    Raspberry Rally is a thin, crispy cookie that is "a sister cookie to the beloved Thin Mints, infused with raspberry flavor instead of mint and dipped in the same delicious chocolaty coating." Peep that gorgeous pink filling!

    Here's how they look in the official promo images provided by the Girl Scout team. I was sent two packages — they're the same flavor, just made by two different licensed bakers! If you didn't already know, Girl Scouts collaborate with two different bakers. And while they pretty much taste the same, there's occasionally tiny differences from baker to baker; which ones are available to you depends on where you live.

    girl scout cookies packaging showing the slight differences between the two versions of the new cookie; one is smoother, while the other has more texture

    And here's an unedited image of the Raspberry Rally cookies on a plate. They look pretty spot-on to the promo images.

    The two versions of the raspberry cookie on a plate beside each other; the smooth version looks bigger than the other

    Alright, enough talk — let's cut to the taste. I bit into my first Raspberry Rally and was instantly met with the familiar chocolate coating. As the crispy raspberry filling crumbled into my mouth, it paired with the milk chocolate coating perfectly. I was expecting dark chocolate, but it was still great. The flavor impression was chocolaty, tart, warm, and sweet!

    It's a significant departure from her older sister Thin Mints, which I remember more for its cool and refreshing taste instead of its sweetness.

    As for texture — I was instantly met with a light crunch upon first bite, just like Thin Mints. However, I'd dare to say that Raspberry Rally has more air to it. My teeth sunk into it just a bit easier, giving this cookie more of a velvety mouth feel.

    inside of raspberry rally girl scout cookies

    Something else worth mentioning: the fruity-floral scent of the cookies. I really love the smell of raspberries, and opening the box, I caught a pleasant whiff of the cute fruit. I love that I got my reaction on camera — looks like I got a visit from daddy Vecna himself.

    author sniffing an open box of raspberry rally girl scout cookies and rolling his eyes back with happiness with vecna from "stanger things 4" lurking behind him

    I also wanted to try out the milk test. There's some Girl Scout Cookies that you can bite off both ends and drink milk through like a straw — a fun way to have cookies with milk. Raspberry Rally is not one of those cookies, as evidenced by me struggling to suck milk through it like a toddler. It pairs great with almond, oat, and whole milk, though!

    Since it's hot in Los Angeles, I also tossed a pack in the fridge to try them cold versus warm. Below is my live reaction to it, and I can say with confidence that these are totally worth putting in the fridge! It really brought out the raspberry flavor for some reason and gifted the cookie with some firmness.

    I wouldn't recommend putting it in the freezer, though, like you would Thin Mints. While the sub-zero temperatures bring out the refreshing mint flavor of Thin Mints in a great kind of way, the freezer influence made the Raspberry Rally cookies a little too sweet and firm for my liking — it was like biting into a rigid extra-sweet candy.

    author sampling frozen raspberry rally girl scout cookies and not looking pleased (inset) jamie campbell bower

    Other than that, the Raspberry Rally cookie was a winner in my book! So, I figured I'd get the opinion of some friends too. Overall, it seemed like others were a fan of the chocolate-fruit concoction. Almost every person sampled it several times, and you know it's a good cookie if you can't just have one.

    text message mock-ups of author's friends trying the cookies; there are six messages and five are positive, while one says the cookies are too artificially sweet

    The consensus: There's a new "it" girl in town, and her name is Raspberry Rally. The cookie is beautiful on the outside and gorgeously pink on the inside. She's got a sweet, warm, and comforting taste that's even more immaculate when cold. This is perfect for fans of chocolate-covered fruit and a true treat for Girl Scout Cookie fans who've been waiting for something different in the lineup. This cookie is stupid good.

    author pointing at raspberry rally girl scout cookies

    So, how you can get your hands on a box? Raspberry Rally is the first in the Girl Scout Cookie lineup to be exclusively offered for online direct shipment only — we love a good gatekeep. These beauties will be part of the 2023 Girl Scout Cookie season (typically January through April), and you can visit the Girl Scouts website to sign up to be notified as soon as they're on sale.

    girl scouts selling girl scout cookies

    What do you think of these Raspberry Rally cookies? What other flavors would you like to see introduced into the Girl Scout Cookies lineup? Let me know in the comments.