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    13 Things I Realized I Need To Change About Myself After Rewatching "13 Going On 30" (As A 30-Year-Old)

    I totally misinterpreted the movie as a kid — and maybe you did too.

    Hi, I'm Pernell. I celebrated my 30th birthday this year with another rewatch of my favorite sci-fi film, 13 Going On 30. And it scared me.

    It's all fun and Razzles until Jenna discovers she doesn't actually like the selfish person she grew up to be. And that led me to an epiphany: neither do I.

    Just like Jenna, I achieved a life I used to only dream about. Now that I'm here, I feel incredibly lonely. Ultimately, Jenna and I turned out to be 30, flirty, and toxic. But that doesn't mean we have to keep being that way.

    Jennifer Garner as Jenna Rink doesn't like the woman she grew up to be in "13 Going on 30"

    So here's what I realized I want to change about my life as I rewatched this surprisingly profound movie (and how I'm going to do it):

    1. I want to move on from "the one that got away." After just one week of reconnecting with Matty, Jenna wants him to call off his wedding? Toxic!

    Jennifer Garner as Jenna and Mark Ruffalo as Matty walk-and-talk in New York City in "13 Going on 30"

    2. I want to find my own interests, not copy them from movies. At 30, Jenna's supposedly got it all, yet she feels hollow in her life.

    Open magazine shows a woman sitting in a sophisticated-looking apartment; Jenna sits alone in her apartment that is identical to the one from the magazine

    3. I want to stop pushing my friends away. When Jenna rekindled her friendship with Matty, it reminded me how lost I would be without my own best friends.

    Jenna cries as she hold the pink dollhouse Matty made for her when she became a teenager in "13 Going on 30"

    4. I want to have more community in my life. Rewatching the movie's dancing scenes reminded me that deep down, most of us crave connection.

    Jenna dances with her young female neighbors to the song "Love Is a Battlefield"

    5. I want fewer meaningless relationships. Adult Jenna only cares about climbing the social ladder, and she doesn't have any real friends because of it.

    Jenna investigates her office as a 30-year-old and discovers she's friends with famous people in "13 Going on 30"

    6. I want to be a friendlier neighbor. Adult Jenna makes no effort to be kind or empathetic to the people outside her circle.

    Jenna stands in the elevator with her teenage neighbor

    7. I want to go home more often. Watching Jenna run into her parents' arms at her lowest point made me want to immediately call my own mom and dad.

    Jenna hugs her parents, the first time she's seen them since she woke up as a 30-year-old in "13 Going on 30"

    8. I will not choose between my career and personal life. Even though Jenna grew up to be a mean adult, I loved that she had such an amazing and exciting job.

    Mark Ruffalo as Matty gives Jenna a final piece of advice before he leaves her apartment in "13 Going on 30"

    9. I want to (continue to) discover my own personal style. There's something admirable about Jenna dressing up the way she wants to.

    Jenna wears a vintage-looking dress and ties a pink ribbon under and over her hair

    10. I want to stop moving the goalposts in my life. When young Jenna first wakes up in the future, she's so smitten with her life. But it turns out even that wasn't enough for adult Jenna.

    Jenna holds a letter from rival magazine Sparkle that reveals she is the employee that's been sabotaging Poise magazine all along

    11. I want to remember the past (and the pain). Unlike Jenna, I remember my 20s — they sucked.

    Kathy Baker as Jenna's mom gives her adult daughter evergreen life advice in "13 Going on 30"

    12. I want to revisit more old things. Jenna's embrace of nostalgia and facing her past is what (almost) saves her future.

    Jenna and Matty lead a party in a dance to Michael Jackson's "Thriller"; Jenna gives a heartfelt presentation for a redesign of Poise magazine that values nostalgia and friendship

    13. I want to actually enjoy my 30s. Just like with Jenna Rink, it might seem as if you have it together, but that feeling of being a confused kid never completely goes away. And that's okay.

    Jennifer Garner as Jenna and Judy Greer as Lucy drink at a bar in "13 Going on 30"

    So no matter how this decade turns out, I'm determined to be fully present in it. After all, "30, flirty, and thriving" isn't a checklist — it's a state of mind.

    What other classic movies hit differently as an adult? Is there anything you’ve rewatched recently that you realized you completely misinterpreted as a child? Let me know in the comments.

    I'm going to go to the bar and order a Manhattan because I can. Cheers, y'all. 🍸