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    19 Illustrated Short Stories Of The Exact Moment A Real-Life Relationship Had Run Its Course

    "That small moment wasn't even a fight, but it showed me that that they no longer cared about me or the random things going through my head and that it was over."

    When I wrote about the "wake-up call" moments exes realized their former partners didn't love them anymore, I heard from over 600 readers who anonymously shared their own moments of realization with me. Here are some of those anonymous confessions, illustrated:

    1. The One Who "Might Grow To Love Me"

    keys on the table

    2. The Ex Who Wouldn't Even Lift A Pinky

    ikea manual parody depicting building the furniture is happier solo than with a partner

    3. The Ex Who Made It Clear Who They Really Were

    broken pair off glasses

    4. The Business School Wannabe Who Couldn't Be Bothered

    gmat book in trash

    5. The Ex Who Stopped Grabbing Their Butt

    person bending over

    6. The Ex Who Lived Their Life Together On His Terms

    postcard that says "wish i wasn't here"

    7. The Army Wife Who Abandoned Her Injured Spouse

    sitting on couch in halo brace

    8. The One Who Had A Threshold For Their Ex's Breathing

    awake in bed next to partner

    9. The Man Who Outran His Wife On Crutches

    walking down sidewalk on crutches

    10. The One Who Couldn't Think Of A Single Thing

    wiping away tears during marriage counseling

    11. The Long-Distance Ex Who Suddenly Went Cold

    texting in bed

    12. The One Who Couldn't Even Watch A Movie

    watching tv in the dark

    13. The Ex Who Had A Chip On His Shoulder

    a lone chip bag in the chip aisle

    14. The Ex Who Acted Like She Wasn't Even In The Room

    standing in the corner of the room

    15. The One Who Treats His Wife Like A Roommate

    older person sitting alone next to empty chair

    16. The Ex-Husband Who Moved Into The Guest Room

    partner stands outside bedroom

    17. The Ex Who Watched His Girlfriend Move Out

    moving boxes

    18. The One Who Didn't Know How (Or Just Didn't Care) To Merge

    car driving down a winding road

    19. The Ex Who Lost Sight Of Their Partner's Face

    contact lens case

    What's your own moment of realizing an ex no longer loved you as much as you thought? Share your own story in the comments or through this anonymous Google form. Your moment of clarity could inspire someone else's epiphany.

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.