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Men, Tell Us How Body-Shaming Has Contributed To Your Body Dysmorphia

Guys also deal with body dysmorphia, and we don't talk about it enough.

Men are often told they're "too fat," they've let themselves go, or they're "not man enough." It's a mere slice of what women deal with on the daily, and it's still incredibly frustrating. And a lot of men are made to feel like they cannot talk about it.

That changes here, because honesty builds awareness. So men, what are your experiences with being body-shamed?

Perhaps you're fat and healthy, but still receive comments from your friends, family, and even co-workers about your weight because they're "concerned for your health."

A man talks about his experience dealing with anti-fat behavior

Or maybe an ex-girlfriend casually said you were "too scrawny" when you were younger, it drove you to over-eat, and you're still dealing with body dysmorphia to this day.

(Left) Young Nate Jacobs flexes the mirror in "Euphoria" (Right) Jacob Eldori as Nate is uncomfortable in the locker room in "Euphoria"

Or maybe you're not over that time you took your pants off in front of someone you were about to have sex with, only for them to cock their head to the side and say, 'Your dick is smaller than I thought it'd be.'

Rear view of guy in underwear in locker room locks down at his crotch

Share your experience in the comments (or through this anonymous Google form) and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.