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Tell Us About The Pettiest Thing You've Ever Done To Get Even With A Boss, Co-Worker, Or Rude Customer

It doesn't pay to be petty, but wow does it feel good.

Has someone at work or something about your job ever pissed you off so much that you chose to get petty? I want to hear your story.

Perhaps your boss at your old marketing firm was taking all of the credit for your work, so you slipped several typos into a crucial presentation that you knew he wouldn't proofread.

Crowd of business people staring at an off-screen presentation

On the other hand, maybe you're a contract worker, and your clients refused to pay you the agreed-upon amount. So, out of spite, you painted their walls a color that was a shade-off from the color they chose.

Contractor holding a paint roller discussing paint color with the homeowner

Perhaps you're a wedding photographer, and the groom treated you poorly when you asked for a break (and even gave you an ultimatum to leave without pay!), so you deleted all of the photos you'd taken and left.

Groom blocking the photographer from taking a photo

Or, maybe you were suddenly let go from your IT job with no warning, so you took down the servers before you left the office. Then, they had to bring you back as a consultant to fix it.

Smiling woman in front of a computer with codes on the screen

Spill your story of being petty at a job and what ended up happening after! Share your experience in the comments (or through this anonymous Google form if you prefer to be private) and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.