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What did I do to you?!

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Telling you the truth the way a true friend would

Here we go..

My hubby buddy and I watched 'gods of Egypt' last night and I have to say, I felt disrespected. Some of the effects were aw 'aight, but the acting, the story line was cray.

First off the bat, what's with all the white cats as though Egypt had no sun? And, don't get me started on the British accents.. Second what's with the body armor? Was the story taking place in the future of the past? Help a sister out! Was this movie meant to punish me or what?

However, I would like to make it clear that I love me some Gerard Butler. He's cute and completely had my vote in 300 with his almost nakedness and leather Sparta drawers, glistening and being all beautiful and stuff.. But I will tell you this, if I ever catch him coming out of his apartment in SoHo, he will hear from me as I will be throw a hand full of corn gibblets at his feet.

Come on Boo, Boo! You can do some much better than this. Get it together!


Your friend,

Sick Of You!


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