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The 30 Most Unbelievable Things You Can Actually Buy

We're not sure who asked for these things, but you can sure as hell buy 'em. These items might be unbelievable, but they're still not as unbelievable as the awesome taste of a Pepsi NEXT—drink it to believe it.

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1. Kitty Wigs

2. Low-Radioactivity Uranium

3. An Inflatable Water Park

4. A Metallica Pinball Machine

5. This Power Rangers Jacket... made for an adult.

6. Someone's Autographed 8x10 Photo of Jason Priestly

7. The Human Slingshot

8. Pugz

9. 90 Item's-Worth of Roadside "Essentials" in a Single Kit

10. Forest Faces

11. An LED Umbrella

12. This baby bib

13. A Scientific Q&A T-Shirt from "Beakman's World"

14. This creepy plain box that laughs when you open it

15. This 1949 Starliner Bus

16. A Ceramic Bust of Winston Churchill Smoking A Cigar

17. A Napkin Clip... for adults

18. 50-Foot Snowball Launcher

19. Killer Whale Submarine

20. Flying Hovercraft

21. Zoltar

22. 20 foot tall animatronic triceratops

23. Pirate Ship Playhouse

24. The Self-Balancing Electronic Unicycle

25. The Pedal Pub

26. The Barbecue Dining Boat

27. Dog Translator

28. Inflatable backyard log flume

29. World's largest portable boombox

30. Bacon shaving cream