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20 Animals That Are Unbelievably Brave

Sure, sometimes humans have to be *pretty* brave, but nothing compares to how brave these animals are in their *everyday* lives. It's actually quite unbelievable—just like Pepsi NEXT. Drink it to believe it.

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1. This kitten who's working on confronting his fears

2. This cat who's bold enough to tell his friend to back off

3. This puppy who's about to attack you

4. This kitten who has no respect for authority

5. This red panda who's not intimidated by pink

6. This cat who's trying to play tag

7. This kitten who can ALMOST blend in

8. This cat who's teaching this kitten not to be so brave

9. This kitten, despite being frightened by a strange beast, returns to face his fears

10. This cat who will boldly stand in the face of shenanigans

11. This cat who hates hands

12. These kittens who are much braver when they're taking on someone their own size

13. This cat who just wants some time alone with his friend

14. This kitten who's working on her pouncing ability

15. This dog who won't hide his emotions, no matter the consequences

16. This cat defending his box

17. This kitten who's about to learn a lesson

18. This cat who tried to barrel roll into a pug

19. This cat trying to intimidate a potato

20. This cat who risked it all to lead her friends to freedom