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18 Collections You Have To See To Believe

One is never enough. These people collected and collected and collected until they made something unbelievable. Just like Pepsi NEXT, which you have to drink to believe.

1. Puzzles!

TED ALJIBE / Getty Images

Georgina Gil-Lacuna holds the Guiness World Record holder for the largest collection of jigsaw puzzles. It probably would have been more massive if her cat didn't keep hiding stray pieces.

2. Sneakers!

sneakernews / Via

For mixing and matching, of course.

3. Oil Cans!

northbaywanderer / Via Flickr: northbaywanderer

Looking at them almost make you feel a bit dizzy, doesn't it?

4. Beanie Babies!

Ashley Champagne / Via

And what luck: an actual baby! (I wonder if he still has his Ty tag)

5. Bratz Dolls!

bratzrule_2009 / Via Flickr: 40048834@N08

They don't look so bad just sitting there...

6. Beer Bottles!

nathalie_antoun / Via

Watch your step.

7. Books! (so many books!)

ayaibish / Via

It must be frustrating to climb all the way up to the top of that ladder and find out that something's not where it should be.

8. Cameras!

martitondels / Via

Surely one of them will capture you looking good.

9. Hand Vases!

Marinka / Via Flickr: marinkabozzec

"Need a hand?" - All these hands.

10. Action figures!

Michael Sherrin / Via Flickr: prodigeek

These guys will protect you.

11. Comics!

Chadwick Torseth / Via

This photo looks like it could go on forever and ever and ever.

12. VHS Tapes

Aubree Lennon

Looks like someone's dedicated to keeping all this "new technology" in check.

13. Fashion magazines!

N. Jayne Seward / Via

More hot trends than you can shake a summer scarf at.

14. Lunch Boxes!

Dee Speed / Via Flickr: badgurl

Because you never had the "right" one growing up.

15. Cell Phones!

deabugnone / Via

This collection will have to do until we finally get our time machine.

16. Teddy bears!

Kristi Eaton / AP

With 7,790 teddy bears, Jackie Miley holds the Guinness World Record for the largest/snuggliest collection.

17. Wine corks!

hwsevents / Via

Consider this a trophy for conquering so many bottles.

18. Santa Claus memorabilia!

HO / Reuters

Jean-Guy Laquerre has collected 25,189 items from 33 countries over the past 22 years. He's basically created The North Pole.