17 Times Actors Did Unbelievable Things With Minor Roles

Some people only need a few lines to stand out. It’s pretty darn unbelievable. And one unbelievable thing deserves another: like William Levy dressing up as different William Levys to give you Pepsi NEXT for free.

1. Propellor Guy from Titanic

Paramount Pictures / Via youtube.com

In terms of jumping to one’s death, this is a four star performance.

2. Stephen Stucker as Johnny

Paramount Pictures / Via youtube.com

If ever something goes wrong mid-flight, we can only hope that this actor from Airplane! is sassing around in the background.

3. David Reale as Glenn Coco

Paramount Pictures / Via username-karli.tumblr.com

Though uncredited for his role Mean Girls, that didn’t stop him from going on to do very amazing things.

4. Winona Ryder as Beth Macintyre

Fox Searchlight Pictures

Ryder plays the best kind of crazy in Black Swan.

5. Porkins from Star Wars

20th Century Fox / Via letsruletatooine.tumblr.com

He couldn’t hold it :-(

6. Jane Lynch as Paula

Universal Pictures / Via luverrrrr.tumblr.com

Before we love/hated her on Glee, we just loved her in The 40 Year Old Virgin.

7. Bill Paxton as Hudson

20th Century Fox / Via allynnajenkins.tumblr.com

Alien’s ultimate badass.

8. Judi Dench as Queen Elizabeth

Everett Collection

She was on screen for about eight minutes in Shakespeare In Love. EIGHT. But apparently that’s all she needed to win an Oscar.

9. Queen Latifah as Mama

Miramax Films / Via poshhelpers.tumblr.com

One of the many many many many reasons that Chicago did not suck.

10. Bill Murray as himself

Columbia Pictures / Via billmurraydoeswhathewants.tumblr.com

Sure, it’s easy to play yourself, but this certainly made Zombieland that much better.

11. Steve Buscemi as Danny McGrath

Universal Pictures / Via foolonthehillandifeelfine.tumblr.com

Buscemi is amazing in any role, but this GIF from Billy Madison certainly makes the best GIF.

12. Hana Mae Lee as Lilly

Universal Pictures / Via emberous.tumblr.com

We can thank Pitch Perfect for letting her give this mute/perfect performance.

13. Tom Cruise as Les Grossman

DreamWorks Pictures / Via keeganeatspie.tumblr.com

Amazing enough to potentially get his own Tropic Thunder sequel.

14. Patricia Clarkson as Rosemary

Screen Gems / Via skasaher.tumblr.com

Official petition: to have her play all of the moms ever (because she was a joy in Easy A).

15. Kieran Culkin as Wallace Wells

Universal Pictures / Via udontcarenothing.tumblr.com

In Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, he was perfectly deadpan (without sounding dead).

16. Ben Stein as the economics teacher

Paramount Pictures / Via qtheboss1.tumblr.com

Reason #18,397 that Ferris Bueller’s Day Off has zero flaws.

17. Spider Pig from The Simpsons Movie

20th Century Fox / Via trans-cendtruth.tumblr.com

He was equally good as “Harry Plopper.”

William Levy braving amp feedback to give you a Pepsi NEXT

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