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Proof Australians Are Pure Geniuses When It Comes To Summer

Australians get the most out of summer because they're geniuses. Max Your Summer With Pepsi Max.

1. When it comes to summer heat, Australians know how to handle hot situations. Like steering wheels.

2. They can even make the tiniest patch of shade work for everyone too.

3. Run out of chairs at your BBQ? Australians can make an extra chair for your BBQ out of anything.

4. If they can't get to the beach, they just bring the beach to them.

5. Or they'll diplomatically broker a peace treaty with any neighbour with a pool.

6. Australians are amazing at getting stuff ice cold ASAP.

7. Australians know how to fashion in summer too.

8. Except when it comes to sports.

9. Speaking of sports, Australians never let the fact they don't have the proper equipment ever get in the way of a good game.

10. Australians are true summer geniuses. Busted a plugger? Australians know how to fix one of these no sweat.

Summer is here! Max Your Summer with Pepsi Max.

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