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15 Of The Best Feelings You Experience When You Travel

Pepsi Max wants you to go see that overseas landmark from your favourite movie you've always wanted to visit.

1. Dropping your bags off at the hotel or hostel after spending 24 hours on a plane...

2. you can go exploring.

3. Then getting lost while exploring...

4. ...and then figuring out where you are all by yourself.

5. Also finding something, like an amazing restaurant or bar, by accident.

6. Meeting new people...

7. ...or just doing your own thing.

8. Being able to completely switch off and relax.

9. Seeing things that you've only ever seen in photos or movies.

10. Immersing yourself in a completely different language.

11. Figuring out local customs and seeing things from a different perspective.

12. Pushing your limits...

13. ...and escaping your comfort zone.

14. And learning a bit more about yourself in the whole process.

15. Finally...returning home.

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