The 17 Best Basketball Fan Reaction GIFs

You never know when the camera will pan to you, flailing and cheering like a hyena. So when you’re dressed up and cheering your favorite team, you’ve got to take it to the max. These young bloods know a thing or two about proper fandom.

1. Everyone should be like this kid.

3. You can get a t-shirt involved.

8. Jump up and down.

9. Show the other team who’s boss.

10. Show your pride amongst enemies.

11. Show your beard amongst enemies.

R.I.P. the beard/Thunder jersey combo.

12. Catch them looking.

13. Raise your fist in triumph.

Yes, that’s Bill Simmons.

14. Turn into a crazy penguin.

And yes, that’s Mark Cuban.

15. Play it cool.

16. Or don’t.

17. And remember to go ALL OUT.

International basketball not required for bright green jacket and sausage.

Here’s a few more moves to get excited about, courtesy of Uncle Drew.

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