24 GIFs Of Insane Basketball Shots

Get ready for a dose of extreme basketball. Here are some rapid-fire shots you won’t believe actually happened. And for more insane basketball action, check out the latest from Uncle Drew.

1. The Wall-Kicker

2. The Bike Jumper

4. The Headbutt Meets Epic Jump

5. The "From The Gate"

6. The Science Fair Construction

7. The Roof Bounce

8. The Sunroof In Motion

9. The Such Great Heights

10. The Jet Engine Alley-oop

11. The Ref From Downtown

But those are all isolated moves. What about in the heat of the game, under professional pressure?

12. The Stumble-And-One

13. The Downward Dog

14. The Can't Touch This Three

15. The Flying Griffin

16. The Kevin Love Connection

17. The Buzzer Beater

18. The Half-Court Buzzer Beater

19. The 0.4 Seconds Left Buzzer Beater

20. The Kyrie It Home

21. The Bill Paxton In Twister

22. The Lucky Chuck

23. The Behind The Basket Jumper

24. And the most insane shot of them all. The Nut Case.

For more insane shots, follow Uncle Drew on his quest to get the old gang back together.

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