20 NBA Blooper GIFs Worth Watching

All these youngblood NBA players try to get so fancy on the court. Basketball is usually a game of finesse. But sometimes, things just go wrong. Some of these guys look like they could use a little friendly advice on how to get their game back from Uncle Drew, Wes and Bill Russell.

1. Sometimes you just miss the basket.

2. But it’s not for lack of trying.

3. Everybody has their off days.

4. Sometimes you’re just too focused on the game.

5. You play too hard.

6. You’re a little too enthusastic.

7. Too eager to get that bucket, or to stop it.

8. A little inadvertent encouragement goes a long way.

9. Everybody has their ups and downs.

10. Their unexpected journeys.

11. Just make sure you use your head.

12. Keep on moving.

13. Never lose sight of who is number 1.

14. You know you’ve got the moves.

15. Get right back into the groove.

16. And if you leap too high…

17. Or pass too emphatically…

18. Maybe the defense will cut you some slack.

19. But sometimes they won’t.

20. But you know you’ve got it in you.

And so does this kid.

For less bloopers and more schooling, take a trip down memory lane with Uncle Drew and his old buddy Wes.

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