11 Goofy Basketball Flop GIFs

Who said athletes don’t make good actors? Uncle Drew would be ashamed at these young blood tactics.

A flop is when a player pretends to be fouled when there is little or no physical contact.

Flopping was a major problem in the NBA in the 2011-2012 season, which led to severe fines for obvious cases of flopping today. But some of the flop’s greatest hits will forever be immortalized in GIF form!

1. Players could flop at any time, as long as an opposing player was near.

2. Theatricality and deception… powerful agents if you’re looking for that freethrow!

3. You had to get those hands in the air.

4. And react in a timely fashion, or else.

5. Being good at “the worm” probably helped.

6. The ability to spin was useful.

7. And you definitely had to have strong knees.

8. You could put a little “Matrix” into it…

9. Or use it to counteract a flop. The anti-flop!

10. You could even flop on the go.

11. At least the opposing team remembered to laugh about it!

Watch Uncle Drew bring back the old school ball, before all this floppy nonsense was a problem.

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