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14 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re Slightly Obsessed With Emojis

"What do you mean you didn't get the message? I spelt it out for you with emojis." Love emojis? So does Pepsi.

1. This is you. Having an entire group chat in emojis only you and your friends understand.

2. You've grown an appreciation for Ancient Egyptians and how they communicated.

3. The only hand gestures you make now are ones that have emojis.

4. You love emojis so much they're now your go-to dress-up theme.

5. (If you could you'd be an emoji all the time.)

6. You love emojis so much you've taught your mum how to use them. And she loves them.

7. You've even tried to teach them to your dad. He doesn't get them as much as your mum though.

8. You'll never be able to look at an eggplant the same again...

9. ...or peaches.

10. When you see a monkey now your first instinct is to wait and see if they do the emoji poses.

11. You see emojis in everything. Even when your friends are crying.

12. And when you send the kissy face emoji, this is the exact face you make when you send it:

13. You're so happy your favourite dishes are now being made emojis too.

14. And at least one item of clothing you own has an emoji on it.

Emojis are the best. And if you love them so much make sure you check the PepsiMoji's on can and bottle.