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11 Epic Australian Places You Should Probably Visit Someday

Australia doesn't do nature by halves. Make sure you're living life to the MAX, and don't forget to be a tourist in your own country. It's where all the best stuff is.

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1. Hinchinbrook Island


Just off the northern coast of Queensland is the stunning island national park, Hinchinbrook Island. It's mostly uninhabited, and it's wildly beautiful, especially from above.

2. Seal Bay, Kangaroo Island

You haven't truly lived until you've taken a nap on the beach with a sleepy Australian sea lion. Aside from the fact that they're insanely cute, they're also one of the rarest species in the world. Go and meet them on Kangaroo Island, South Australia.

3. Cable Beach, Broome

Kirklandphotos / Getty Images

Even if you don't fancy a camelback ride across Cable Beach, you should at least come and watch this stately procession of camels and humans. And with 22 km of white sand and turquoise water, this really is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Plus, the sunsets are magnificent.

4. The Great Barrier Reef

Andrew Watson / Getty Images

It's the world's largest and most epic coral reef, it's astonishingly beautiful, it's one of the seven wonders of the world, and it's visible from space. So basically, don't go through life without paying your respect to our Great and Glorious Barrier Reef.

5. Cape Tribulation, Daintree National Park

Andrew Watson / Getty Images

Cape Tribulation sits in the heart of the Daintree Rainforest which, at over 130 million years of age, is the oldest living rainforest in the world. It's also adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef, which means you can cross both off your bucket list in one trip.

6. Iron Blow in Queenstown, Tasmania

Iron Blow is an ironstone outcrop at Mount Lyell in Tasmania. In 1883, three gold diggers pegged out the land here, but instead of gold, they found copper, and Iron Blow went on to become one of Australia's most well-known mines. As you can see, it's also really beautiful.

7. The Twelve Apostles

Yury Prokopenko / Via

These resplendent rock stacks stand up along the coast of Port Campbell National Park in Victoria and can be seen easily from the Great Ocean Road. Rock stacks don't get much prettier than this, so add it to your bucket list.

8. Port Lincoln, South Australia

Located on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, Port Lincoln is known as the Seafood Capital of Australia. But the real reason anyone comes here is to cage dive with Great White Sharks. A terrifying (but essential) experience for anyone who wants to practice living life ~on the edge~.

9. Uluru

Günther Deichmann / Getty Images

Yeah, yeah. We know you know it. But it would be an insult not to include Uluru in a list of Australia's epic spots. Look at it. And make sure you look at it this majestic rock in person too. Don't let the tourists have all the fun.

10. The Devil's Marbles

More rocks, you say? Yes. You have to see these too. These giant granite boulders started on their path to becoming the Devil's Marbles millions of years ago. They're casually balanced in the middle of nowhere about 400 km north of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

11. Gawler Ranges

Felix Hug / Getty Images

The Gawler Ranges are about 600 km north of Adelaide on the Eyre Peninsula. This is one of the most epic spots in the country — nay, the world — to set up camp (in a luxury safari tent, if ~glamping~ is your thing) and gaze at the magnificent Milky Way.