What Your Sandal Choice Really Says About You

You are what you walk in.

Looks like somebody is always up for a little adventure! You don’t care what people think of you because in your life, it’s always function over form. And hey, a little Velcro never hurt nobody.

People may think you’re high-maintenance, but girl, you know the difference between hi-may and high-strung. So yeah, you like getting a mani-pedi on the reg, but you also know your own self-worth. Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary?

How happy are you that these are back in style, huh?! Listen, you are earthy, you’re grounded, and you live your life for the stable moments. You’re very flexible, warm-hearted, and open to new experiences that’ll feed your sole.

You’re just jellin’, right? You’re extremely playful and let your childish innocence reign supreme when it comes to navigating your way through life. People confuse your youthful approach as a lack of desire to be responsible, but you know what’s going on.

Gladihaters gonna hate! You’re a risk taker because you know a little edge goes a long way. You’re never over the top and keep your thoughts to yourself most of the time — unless, of course, you have something really important to say. You don’t like wasting your time on things that don’t matter. And fabulous people don’t like wasting time. #amirite

Hold up! Mandal in the house! You are strong-willed, secure in yourself, and can be somewhat disruptive wherever you are. However, you are only disruptive in the sense that you bring positivity where you shake things up. Not to mention you love traveling.

You’re ALL about vintage chic. You consider yourself a period person of the past and really appreciate the good ol’ days… even if you never got to experience them yourself. You love the idea of gardening, but love being in the great outdoors a lot more — as long as you’re in an open field of sunflowers, that is.

You love running errands around the house and making sure everything is in order, but you’re not about to be too fancy when it comes to your daily activities. You do what you want to do. Nobody is going to tell you what they think of you! So what, you’re divisive?! You don’t want people around you who don’t really love you for you.

No matter what time of day it is, you’re always ready to take it from day to night. You love meeting new people and having a good time, because you’re all about the here and now. People who look too far into the future bore you to tears. You just want to take things as they come and are willing to risk it all.

You’re easy-breezy, man! You’re supz chill and just want to tell everyone to calm down most of the time because, like, why does everything have to be such a big deal? You don’t necessarily draw a line between pajamas and day clothes, but that’s only because your needs are simple.

“You’re really cool, brah.” -Everyone after they meet you. You’re a very holistic person who confidently knows what they want, but is equally very open to other people who live differently than you. You’re a complex person despite what other people think about you. You say what you mean and mean what you say.

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