The 11 Stages Of Your First Beach Trip Of The Summer

You’ve been waiting with a breath that is bated. Don’t forget that SPF, brah. Own your #realbigsummer moments with Pepsi.

“I’ve been waiting for a whole year. A WHOLE YEAR, do you hear me?! When can I go. I JUST WANNA GO!”

“OMG. It’s going to be 81 degrees today. Can it be? It can! I think it’s… time.”

“I’m going today no matter WHAT. Alone or with people, no one will hold me down today! It may as well be my birthday.”

Jean Dujardin / Via

“Gather the troops. Get the snacks packed. Pour on the SPF. We have little time for indecision.”

“Must. Go. Right. MEOW. Every minute wasted is a wave not ridden, a grain of sand lost, a crab left empty-handed.”

“Forget the snacks. It’s time to go in that water. #beachhairdontcare #h2yolO”

“OK, so that was an overzealous dive. It’s only a little colder than I thought it would be! Soul feels ALIVE.”

“Somebody try and get me to leave this water. You’ll be wading a long time…”

“Great. Hope everyone’s happy with coming here every weekend. You can start calling me by my real name, ‘Beach Rat.’”

“I know I must leave… but let it be known that this will not be the last of me. Beach people, mark my words!”

Lynch/Frost Productions / Via

“Is it acceptable to quit my job so I have more time to hang 10?”

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