15 Sandwiches To Eat When You’re Sick Of BBQing

Why be clichéd when you could be avant-garde?! Your friends will be left wanting more!

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There are only so many hamburgers, turkey burgers, and grilled accoutrements one can handle during the summer! Get your omega-3s while still being satiated with this delicious salmon sandwich! Bye, tuna salad!


A po’ boy is a po’ boy is a po’ boy, right?! WRONG! Ain’t nobody ever gonna complain about fried shrimp. But add in artichoke hearts? Now we’re talking.


We all adore a good caprese salad. However, take the mozzarella we know and love, add in sun-dried tomato jam (what?!) and grilled chicken, and you’ve got yourself a masterpiece. Don’t take it all in one bite!

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Add a little spice to your summer with a Moroccan chicken wrap! What could possibly be bad about homemade hummus, roasted veggies, and chicken that may as well have been prepared in a restaurant. It’s easy, it’s quick, and great for sharing!


Typically, beets and goat cheese go really well in salads. Have a more substantial lunch by replacing those greens with two slices of your favorite bread, and you’ve made quite the pairing!

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Tired of ketchup, mayo, and mustard? Understandable. Kick your everyday chicken sandwich up a notch by replacing your bread with naan and adding curry-worthy spices to your mayo. Raisins and nuts add the perfect sweetness to this savory dish. You won’t even know that you made it yourself!

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A chicken caesar salad is a classic that’s good at every age and every stage. In another salad-to-sandwich conversion, combine the best parts of a caesar salad with the best of shredded, slow-cooked chicken between two beautiful buns, and voilà! C’est parfait!


Carnitas don’t have to be isolated to just tacos. Enjoy them in sandwich form by roasting beef with an aromatic cherry sauce to give your sandwich that sandwow! A real showstopper, indeed!

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BLT? More like DLT with duck bacon being the main star of this sandwich roadshow. Not to say that anyone ever complained about the good ol’ classic bacon, lettuce, tomato, but there is something to be said for making the rich a little richer with Greek yogurt combined with mustard instead of mayo. A good morning, ‘tis!


Having a party, but don’t want too much fuss? This scratch-made ‘wich amplifies all of the flavors we cherish in a typical cubano, made a little bit more sassy with a mayo-lime cilantro sauce. Those jaws won’t stay dropped for long when they taste this masterpiece!


Lunch can be so boring. Jazz up your weekend lunchtime treat with your bestie by trying out a tartine-style sandwich with ricotta as a base, prosciutto for that je nais se quoi, asparagus and walnuts for that extra crunch, and a simply made poached egg to be the fancy person you know you are. Who said you needed two pieces of bread to make a work of art?!

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Should you have a friend who is a vegetarian coming over, have no fear. Substitute bread for fried eggplant slices (no shame in that) and lather them in red pepper and veggie hummus dip. No regrets here.

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A simple grilled cheese is always grrreat, but what about a new take on an old favorite? You don’t have to be in Philadelphia to enjoy this delectable city treat. Rather than making it on a skillet like the pros, simply sear it for a mouthwatering crowd pleaser.

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Forget PB&J! It’s time to pull out the big guns. Inspired by Elvis’ sandwich of choice, this rendition marries salty and sweet in the best way possible with bacon, marshmallow, cashew butter, banana, and chocolate. Never be in a bad mood again!

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Let us remember that not all sandwiches are savory. Yep, we’re talking to you, little ice cream sandwich! Cool down on the hot days with a cold, sweet treat with some added heat of cayenne pepper. You can never be too sweet. ;)

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