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12 Fun Facts About Your Taste Buds

We owe a lot to these little guys. They're the reason we find things tasty, like the explosive new taste of Wild Cherry Pepsi!

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3. That thing they taught you in school was wrong.

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Remember that map of the tongue that showed which sections of the tongue were responsible for which taste? This was scientifically disproven. All regions of the tongue detect all tastes, though different parts are more sensitive to certain flavors. Science prevails again!

4. So there are these things called taste hairs...


Each taste bud has 50 to 100 receptor cells. Sticking out of these receptor cells are tiny taste hairs that check out the food chemicals in your saliva then send a signal to your brain. Ewww, taste hairs...

6. Introducing "supertasters!"

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People with significantly more taste buds are called supertasters. They are much more sensitive to taste and may find certain foods too bitter or sweet.

Find out if you're a supertaster here!

Now go out and put those taste buds to use! Try something new with Wild Cherry Pepsi.

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