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12 Fun Facts About Your Taste Buds

We owe a lot to these little guys. They're the reason we find things tasty, like the explosive new taste of Wild Cherry Pepsi!

1. You can't see your taste buds.

2. Taste buds aren't just on your tongue.

3. That thing they taught you in school was wrong.

4. So there are these things called taste hairs...

5. Everyone has a different amount of taste buds.

6. Introducing "supertasters!"

7. A taste bud's life is fleeting.

8. The good news: They grow back!

9. The bad news: Fewer taste buds grow back as you get older.

10. Spicy food hurts.

11. Taste buds are there to protect you.

12. Taste and smell: It's a beautiful romance.

Now go out and put those taste buds to use! Try something new with Wild Cherry Pepsi.

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