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14 Reasons You Need To Get To Know James Blake Right Now

This young Brit and Best New Artist nominee combines electronic and soul in a way that's liable to melt your face. Long live the king.

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3. His dad tried to teach him guitar, but once young James touched the piano, there was no looking back.

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He's said that he could never visualize the guitar as effortlessly as he could the piano. His dad got over it.

6. He also has an alias: Harmonimix. He uses it to release things like this Destiny's Child "Bills Bills Bills" remix.


10. According to James, the song that changed his life was "Trouble Blues" by Sam Cooke. If you listen to it, you'll clearly hear how Sam influenced James.

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The influence is particularly clear on this track, "Retrograde," off of Blake's Overgrown.

13. Yes, 2014 is going to be a big year for our James. In the meantime, listen to this Harmonimix remix of Drake's "Come Thru," and rejoice.