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12 Things Bruno Mars Sounded Like At The Super Bowl Halftime Show

Angels sang, flowers bloomed, and all was right with the world. That's what we call a #halftime show.

1. A trillion double rainbows shooting through the sky.

2. A cool rain on a hot summer's day.

3. A shooting star piercing the atmosphere.

4. When the first flower blooms in spring.

5. An awe-inspiring fog rolling through the hills at dawn.

6. Ocean waves lapping against the shore.

7. The bubbling boil of a majestic volcano.

8. Flower petals gently falling on a mystical meadow.

9. The cozy crackle of a freshly kindled fire.

10. Clouds parting to reveal a scenic sunrise.

11. The clip-clop of stallions soaring across the plains.

12. A stream flowing through a hidden valley.