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13 Reasons Why Your Couch Is The Best Seat For This Year's GRAMMYs

Who needs the red carpet? You have slippers.

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1. Pants off = party on.

2. Free snacks!

You know who makes pancakes exactly how you like them? You do.

3. No one can get mad at you for singing along with the performances.

Lacey Micallef / Via


4. Same goes for dancing.

5. You control who you watch with.

6. In case of a "did that just happen?" moment, you can rewind to confirm: yes — that did just happen.

Worst-case scenario: You're by a computer and use social media to confirm.

7. You can get chatty about the outfits without being shushed.

8. No need to dress up if you're staying in.

Emily Steele / Buzzfeed

I think your hat needs another hat to keep it company under that collegiate sweatshirt.

9. Your couch > all other couches.

Liaizon Wakest / Via

10. Free refills.

Free UNLIMITED refills.

11. You dictate the bathroom breaks.

12. No one can judge you if your clever live tweets crack you up.

Warner Brothers / Gremlins / Via

And let's be honest — they will.

13. Once the GRAMMYs are over, you can be in bed and asleep in under five minutes.