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12 Moments We've All Experienced When Your Co-Workers Are Snacking

There's nothing worse than the feeling when your co-workers are eating something yummy and you're just munching on another boring rice cake. For an at-work treat that actually satisfies, with 90 calories per 20g serving, try Pepperidge Farm® Cracker Chips!

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1. When the intern is slurping up the last drops of his smoothie and you just can't take it:

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2. When someone decided to make popcorn in the microwave and now the office smells like a movie theatre:

3. When you're eating fruit but your deskmate is snacking away on junk food:

4. When someone's making a mess with peanut shells and you just want them to stop:

5. When the person next to you is crunching very loudly on some pretzels:

6. When your work friend offers to share a snack with you but then you remember she's vegan:


7. When you're starving and trying to spy on what's leftover from the lunch meeting in the conference room:

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8. When the new guy tries to eat the free, bruised office fruit because he doesn't know any better:

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9. When you decide to cut back on sugar but everyone is talking about how good the receptionist's new candy is:

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10. When you smell an extra-stinky hardboiled egg being unpeeled:

11. When you shake your boss's hand after she finishes eating chips and your hand gets all greasy too:

12. When you're stuck in a conference call and miss the birthday cake in the break room:

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Looking for an office snack that will satisfy without driving your co-workers crazy? Try Pepperidge Farm® Cracker Chips with 90 calories per 20g serving.