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    You've Been Tying Your Shoes Wrong Your Whole Life

    Learn how to tie your shoes in one second flat. This is a cool way to teach kids how to tie their shoes, but adults can benefit from this time-saving trick, too.

    Watch the whole video here.

    Basically, you do this.

    Oh wait, was that a little fast for you? Let's break it down.

    The laces should already be knotted once.

    If they're not, go ahead and knot them.

    1. Grab the laces with your pinkies.

    2. Make lobster claws with your fingers.

    3. Go over and under with your right hand.

    4. Go under with your left hand.

    5. Make an X.

    6. Pull 'em through.

    With the right hand, grab the left string. With the left hand, grab the right string.

    You did it!

    Now you just have to go like 20x faster. You'll get it down in no time!