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21 Works Of Art For The Office Supply Fetishist In You

Do you feel a thrilling jolt anytime you pierce paper with a stapler? Does nothing feel better than an ultra-smooth Pilot pen rolling languorously across your Moleskine? Here's some art you might really appreciate.

1. Peter Root - Ephemicropolis (2010)

2. Packing Tape Spiderweb Installation

3. Pencil Chair by Anon Pairot

4. Pencil Shaving Sculptures by Helga Nicolas

5. Suspended Post-It Note Installation by Thomas Jackson

6. To Mark A Significant Space in the Living Room by Rebecca Murtaugh

7. More Post-It Note Art from Becker Schmitz & Il-Jin breath Choi

8. Colored Pencil Sculptures by Jennifer Maestre

9. Crayon Sculptures by Diem Chau

10. Motohiro Tomii’s Tiny Post-It Note Sculptures

11. Radford Wallis' Giant Office Supplies

12. Spring by Margarita Mileva

13. Shane McAdams' Psychadelic Ball Point Pen Drawings

14. .5mm Pencil Lead Sculptures by Peter Trevelyan

15. Jared Clark, The Guy Who Draws With His Face Full of Sharpies

16. A Thumbtack Cactus by The Miha Artnak

17. Colored Pencil Sculptures by Takafumi Yagi

18. Felt-Tip Prints by Daniel Eatock

19. Staple Carpets by We Make Carpets

20. JenCo's Pencil Shaving Dress

21. Herb Williams' Crayon Wildfire Sculptures