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    21 Wedding Tips You'll Be Glad Someone Told You Beforehand

    Because a million and one things could go wrong.

    1. Appoint someone you trust as your "designated texter" day of.

    2. Give someone the task of feeding you morning of.

    3. Make sure you have body tape or double-sided tape in your emergency kit.

    4. Try your dress on the day before your wedding.

    5. You'll need three pairs of shoes: slippers for getting ready, heels for the ceremony, and flats for the DANCING.

    6. Speaking of wedding shoes, you'll want to break them in before you wear them down the aisle.

    7. Put on a little hand lotion before heading down the aisle.

    8. Watch out for melting wedding cakes on a hot summer day.

    9. Arrange for your wedding party to get to know each other before the wedding planning begins.

    10. Got a wedding website? Make sure you do a call to action on your save-the-date card.

    11. If you're uber-organized, a wedding binder can be nice, but Google Docs are where it's at.

    12. Don't schedule your photography shoot at high noon, when sun is at its harshest.

    13. If you're paying good money for a professional photographer, make sure you plan out your photos to a T.

    14. Get your ring professionally cleaned.

    15. Wait a day before you leave for your honeymoon.

    16. You will probably get sick. Just in time for your honeymoon.

    17. The easiest way to pee in a wedding dress is to sit on the toilet backward, facing the wall.

    18. You'll wish your guestbook had been something other than a book.

    With all the crazy guestbook alternatives out there, choose one that you'll actually be able to display and incorporate into your home, like these stones that can be placed in a bowl or vase. A book will just be stored away and forgotten.

    19. Write your thank-you notes as you receive and open your gifts.

    20. Make an "I MUST NOT FORGET" bag(s) before you leave for your wedding.

    21. Learn how to respectfully say no, because you will almost certainly have to during the planning stages.