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    27 Disgustingly Awesome Ways To Take Halloween To The Next Level

    Halloween is supposed to be scary, not cute. So trade in those ombrè pumpkins this year for some legit guts and gore.

    1. Give yourself a wince-worthy compound fracture.

    2. The ideal hors d' oeuvre: the flayed skin cheeseball.

    Bonus: add some dried cranberries for a scab-like tartness. Get the recipe/instructions here.

    3. This sweet intestines dish is surprisingly meatless.

    4. Unzip your face for a bloody reveal.

    5. This gory eye makeup can be done in 7 easy steps.

    6. Throw back some curdled bloody brains shots.

    7. Commemorate your favorite dead person with this ice cream mold.

    8. Put in some creepy contact lenses.

    9. Be perpetually in the process of eating brains with this split jaw zombie makeup.

    10. Strategically apply your zombie wounds.

    11. Don't be afraid to get elaborate.

    12. The meat lovers special: bloody baked rats.

    13. Litter the lawn with some body bag decor.

    So much more effective than a Halloween-themed ribbon wreath. Get directions here.

    14. Remember to leave one in the bathroom.

    15. Create a Halloween manicure that will make your friends and family recoil in horror.

    16. For a less subtle look: crusty zombie nails.

    17. This bloody cleaver ring is a low-effort way to get in the Halloween spirit.

    18. Plaster your face with realistic facial prosthetics.

    19. Serve salty, beefy shots in bone marrow shot glasses.

    20. Serve up an appetizing body buffet.

    21. Cover up those smile lines with "Chelsea Smile" makeup.

    22. Give the gift of brains in a jar.

    23. Set out some awesomely realistic props.

    You can get these on eBay.

    24. Go your own gross way with this bloody scab makeup:

    25. Incorporate maggots into your end look.

    26. Fake a killer wound with bubblegum and razor blades.

    27. Bake a festive thorax cake.

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