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    17 Ways To Combat Your Raging Case Of Swamp Ass

    Hope this helps.

    1. Linen breathes the best out of any fabric.

    Cotton breathes, but takes forever to dry. Linen is the lightest material that breathes while giving you the illusion of being cooler (literally, not figuratively).

    [source: HowStuffWorks]

    2. Get baggy.

    Looser clothing improves airflow.

    3. Wear wicking underwear.

    Hi-tech fabrics tend to dry faster. Most athletic brands make them.

    Just be sure to swap them out with more breathable fabrics at night, or else you risk harboring nasty odors.

    4. Wear dark jeans.


    People will be less likely to think you "sat in water," unless they're really staring closely at your butt.

    5. Try jeans that are part elastane or polyurethane instead of 100% cotton.

    Because synthetic fabrics are more likely to wick the moisture away. They are more likely to hold onto odors, however. It's always a win-lose situation, sigh.

    6. Invest in some waterproof chinos.

    They exist! Check out Outlier for chinos and shorts made from synthetic fabrics.

    7. If you're sweating down there, chances are you're sweating under the arms, too.

    Invest in a micromodal undershirt to wear underneath your clothes. They'll absorb perspiration before reaching your nice business casj outfit.

    For guys, try the Thompson Tee.

    8. Powder is messy and can turn into a gross pasty mess, so try a lotion that dries to a powder instead.

    Or try Gold Bond in spray form. One other helpful note: Gold Bond contains corn starch, so if you've got any kind of fungal infection going on, the corn starch could feed the yeast and make it worse.

    [source: Art of Manliness]

    9. Use pantyliners.

    Still better than having wetness soak through your pants.

    10. If you've got thighs that rub together, wear compression shorts.

    Because painful chafing combined with a hotwater creek flowing between your crevices is not a pleasant feeling.

    11. Cut down on the caffeine.

    People with a predisposition to excessive sweating could see a correlation between episodes of sweating soon after consuming stimulants such as coffee.

    [source: WebMD]

    12. Invest in a mesh chair (or convince your office to). / Via

    Aeron chairs are less likely to trap heat.

    13. Get an inexpensive bidet attachment for your toilet.

    Using a bidet will help get rid of that slippery sweat. This one is $27 from Amazon.

    14. Feel a nasty case of swanus coming on? Head to the bathroom and wipe your butt down with flushable baby wipes.

    Wipe away those excess oils! It'll keep you feeling fresh, at least temporarily.

    15. Splashing down there with vinegar in the shower will keep odors at bay.

    The acidity will kill off the odor-causing fungus.

    [source: Art of Manliness]

    16. Two words: crotchless panties (for men).

    A German brand called Sac-Free makes crotchless underwear for men, separating the balls from the butt. Apparently, this helps significantly with sweat and odors that formulate down there. You could also DIY your own, I suppose.

    17. See your doctor.

    You may have hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating disorder), for which a doctor can prescribe you a prescription-strength deodorant. It could also be indicative of a thyroid or neurological problem that you'll definitely want to get checked out.

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