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    17 Ways To Combat Your Raging Case Of Swamp Ass

    Hope this helps.

    1. Linen breathes the best out of any fabric.

    2. Get baggy.

    3. Wear wicking underwear.

    4. Wear dark jeans.

    5. Try jeans that are part elastane or polyurethane instead of 100% cotton.

    6. Invest in some waterproof chinos.

    7. If you're sweating down there, chances are you're sweating under the arms, too.

    8. Powder is messy and can turn into a gross pasty mess, so try a lotion that dries to a powder instead.

    9. Use pantyliners.

    10. If you've got thighs that rub together, wear compression shorts.

    11. Cut down on the caffeine.

    12. Invest in a mesh chair (or convince your office to).

    13. Get an inexpensive bidet attachment for your toilet.

    14. Feel a nasty case of swanus coming on? Head to the bathroom and wipe your butt down with flushable baby wipes.

    15. Splashing down there with vinegar in the shower will keep odors at bay.

    16. Two words: crotchless panties (for men).

    17. See your doctor.