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36 Utterly Charming Nautical DIYs

Whether you're going for a nautical or patriotic theme, these sailing-inspired projects are the perfectly elegant way to decorate this summer. Whatever floats your boat.

1. Sailor's Knot Napkin Settings

Get the instructions here.

You could also use them as place cards.

2. Nautical Rope Stair Banister

Get the directions here.

3. Sail Cupcake Bunting

Get the directions here.

4. Nautical Photo Frame

Get the directions here.

5. Ribbon and Rope Boutonnieres

Get the directions here.

6. Rope Vases

Learn how to make all three variations here.

7. Anchor Print Wall

Get the directions here.

8. Anchor and Rope Coasters

Get the directions here.

9. Newspaper Hat Garland

10. Nautical Table

Get the directions here.

11. Chair Bunting

There's no tutorial for this, but you could easily cut triangles out of cloth and hang them from string or rope.

12. Rope Mirror

Get the directions here.

13. Another Rope Mirror Variation

14. Rope Shelves

Get the directions here.

15. Nautical Tote Bag

Get the directions here.

16. Rope Cuff Sandals

Get the directions here.

17. Wooden Nautical Buoys

They make really cute door stoppers. Get the DIY here.

18. Paper Sailboat Place Cards

19. Nautical Lamp

Made with striped wallpaper and a see-through lamp base.

20. Nautical Nails

21. Nautical Rope Bracelet

Get the directions here.

22. Rope Table Mats

Download the project sheet here.

23. Rope Toilet Paper Holder

24. Lighthouse Candle Holder

Made from cereal boxes! Get the tutorial here.

25. Golden Anchor Sweatshirt

Directions here.

26. Jute Twine Maritime Knot

Get the instructions here.

27. Monkey Fist Knot Door Stop

Get the instructions here.

28. Quick Hanging Sailor Hat DIY

Get the directions here.

29. Dip-Dyed Rope Bracelets

Get the tutorial here.

30. Rope Knot Napkin Rings

Using the same technique, these are made by wrapping around a toilet paper roll instead of a tin can. Get the directions here.

31. Anchor Print Bunting

Get the instructions here.

32. Nautical Stripe Bracelets

Get the instructions here.

33. Life Preserver Napkin Rings

These are made from shower curtain rings! Get the instructions here.

34. Sailor's Knot Wine Stopper

35. Nautical Canvas Art

See how she made these here.

36. Braided Doormat

Get the instructions here.

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