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12 Things You Should Know If You Just Got Apple AirPods

AirPod owners = the world's most exclusive club.

1. Set up Find My AirPods (actually under the "Find My iPhone" app) as soon as you get them to ensure you are never parting with these precious things.

This feature will even help you find a rogue earbud outside of its case (the bud will play a sound so you can easily find it). Access this feature through the "Find my iPhone" app. Apple Support has the full instructions.

2. Make sure you enable the "double tap" controls to "pause" and "skip track," and play around with what settings feels most intuitive.

I really missed the remote controls on my old wired Apple earbuds, but setting up some intuitive double taps helped me quickly get over it. Go to Settings > BlueTooth, then tap the little "i" button next to your AirPods' name to get to the options (the earbuds need to be in your ears in order to access the settings).

3. To activate the controls, double tap the spot near your ear instead of the actual AirPod.


For whatever reason, tapping on the AirPods require a kind of precision I was just never able to master. This method works way better for me (it still takes a little practice to find the right spot).

4. Easily hook up your AirPods to your AppleTV by holding down the PLAY button from the Main Menu.

Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

Yes, this is my fav AirPods trick bc who knew?

5. You can avoid scratching your new AirPods by getting a cute, colorful silicone cover for your case.

Urban Outfitters,

Even more reasons for everyone to be jealous of your new AirPods. Get one for $12 from Urban Outfitters or one with a carabiner hook for $9.99 from Amazon. Next level tip: attach a Tile tracking device to your case so you can always easily find your missing AirPods.

6. A dust guard for the inside of your case is another thing that exists.

Probably not 100% necessary, but just fair warning: the inside of your case will get gnarly. $8.99 from Elago.

7. Been using your AirPods with another device? Pair 'em quickly with your iPhone, iPad, or other device from the control center.

Peggy Wang/BuzzFeed

Now you finally know what those little round lines on the music player even do.

8. Use Nexcare waterproof tape to ensure a snugger ear fit.

Get the tape as a $3.38 add-on item from Amazon.

9. Or get some silicone earbud covers that ensure they'll never fall out of your ears unintentionally.

Get 3 for $11.95 from Amazon.

10. Supposedly, this earbud foam cover DIY will increase the bass and ensure a better fit.

View this video on YouTube


11. Instead of invoking Siri to adjust the volume, use the digital crown on your Apple Watch instead.


If you own an Apple Watch, you can use the digital crown as the volume knob, even when the screen is off, as long as "Now Playing" is running in the background. To keep the Now Playing app running, go to the Watch app > General > Wake Screen and select "Always" (or "Within 1 Hour of Last Use"). This ensures the Now Playing app stays running when the watch screen turns off. See it in action here.

12. And just one last word to the wise, if you're a dog owner....

My dog loves to chew things that have been in my ears (cute!) and will ruin any kind of earbud she gets her hands on. If this is at all a relatable situation for you, keep 'em in the case, and don't learn the hard way.