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    18 Useful Tips Every Craigslist User Should Know

    There are the spammers, the creepers, and then the stuff you actually want.

    1. Google a seller's email address before you email them.

    2. Use the hyphens in your searches to exclude keywords.

    3. Also, the pipe key "|" lets you do an OR search so you can simultaneously search multiple keywords.

    "Townhouse | condo" will return every result with townhouse OR condo in the title (or both).

    This is a great way to search for an item that might have multiple names (table vs. desk for instance) or have a commonly misspelled word in its title.

    4. Need furniture? Check Craigslist at the end of the academic year.

    5. Use a Google Voice number when buying or selling on Craigslist, just in case your phone number becomes compromised.

    6. Meet in public places that have security cameras.

    7. An easy way to get updated search results is to subscribe to the RSS feed of your search.

    8. If you're looking for a rare item over the span of several cities, use SearchTempest.

    9. Use a separate email just for your Craigslist transactions.

    And be sure to check the junk/spam folder, because replies can end up there.

    10. Run a quick Apple hardware test if you're buying a used Mac.

    11. Apartment hunting? Never send someone your credit report, especially if it's through a website of their specification.

    12. To bypass Craigslist's photo limit, upload your images to and post the accompanying HTML code into your listing.

    13. If you're selling a bunch of items at once, group your listings together by adding the same random word/number combination to the bottom of each listing.

    Do a search for that combination and you can use the URL to promote all of your listings at once. You can post the link to your Facebook or include it in your emails to potential buyers who might offer you a deal for more than one item.

    14. If you're doing extensive searching, click the "pic" checkbox and the gallery view button so you can just do a quick scan of the items available.

    15. Follow this flowchart to accurately describe your used furniture:

    16. If buying a used iPhone, check the sensors for water damage.

    Bring a flashlight so you can check the dock connector and headphone jack for any signs of RED (a sign that the phone has been immersed in water or subjected to heavy humidity). Get the full directions here.

    17. Score good stuff for cheap with the following search strings:

    18. THIS.