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    34 Unconventional Wedding Band Options For Men

    Perhaps a plain gold band just doesn't suit your fine self.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. Oxidized Black-Grey Band, $95

    This ring is handcrafted from recycled sterling silver, and the oxidization process makes it look like GUNMETAL.

    2. Copper Inlay Wedding Band, $229

    3. Square Onyx Band, $850

    The asymmetry and thin shape makes this architectural style less stodgy.

    4. "Butter" White Gold Ring, $570

    5. Tiny Black Diamond Band, $170

    "The patina will wear away over time. It will become less dark and can go away completely."

    6. Custom Fingerprint Ring, $199

    You can also get a fingerprint engraved on the outside, for dual fingerprint action.

    7. Coin Edge Band, $150

    8. Love Knot Ring, $132

    9. YOU + ME Engraved Ring, $115

    Get it to say anything you want.

    10. Rose Gold and Diamond Pine Tree Ring, $545

    This Etsy seller actually has a number of nature-inspired motifs.

    11. Custom Stamped Latitude Longitude Ring, $82

    12. Eco-Friendly Black Silver Diamond Ring, $165

    This Etsy seller has a number of variations on this tiny-diamond brushed-metal motif.

    13. Secret Message Imprint Ring, $157

    You can get a custom message here.

    14. Twig Band Set, $165

    15. Extra-Wide White Gold Wedding band, $892

    Lightly textured, this ring is also available in gold.

    16. Sleek Titanium and Bronze Inlay Ring, $145

    17. Wood Grain Ring, $600

    18. Concrete Wedding Band, $110

    19. Braided Wedding Band, $54.98

    20. Binary Heart Ring, $49

    Show off that internet dating past.

    21. Sterling Ring with Gold Granules set, $450

    22. Modern Recycled Silver Ring with 14K Gold, $495

    23. Cross Ring, $55

    24. Titanium and Deer Antler Ring, $180

    25. Personalized Soundwave Band, $425

    26. Wood Inlay Ring, $219

    27. Blades of Grass Ring, $645

    28. Industrial Screw Band, $90

    29. Stardust Textured Ring in 14K, $458

    30. Black Diamond Ring, $168

    31. Fabric Folds Band, $690

    32. Meteorite Ring, $1119

    33. Leaf Print Ring, $169.19

    34. Remember Rings, $760

    It heats up 24 hours before a big date, like an anniversary or birthday. It basically does the nagging for you.

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