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    32 Things You Need In Your Man Cave

    All the manteresting things you could ever dream of for your mantuary.

    1. A Sign That Proclaims "YOU ARE NOW ENTERING MAN CAVE"

    2. A foosball coat hanger.

    3. This hammock.

    4. Or This Hammock.

    5. A Kegerator

    6. A Hidden Bookshelf Door

    7. If You Have Roommates: A Stackable Fridge

    8. Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

    9. DIY Pouf Made from an Old Tire

    10. A Darth Vader Refrigerator

    11. A Light Saber Night Light

    12. Nightmarical Star Wars Taxidermy

    13. Romantic Tennis Ball Candles

    14. A Wine Barrel Dog Bed

    15. A Beer Barrel Man Bed

    16. BIG BURLY BEER Light Fixtures

    17. Le Beanock: A Bean Bag/Hammock HYBRID

    18. DIY Pac-Man Ottoman

    19. DIY Giant Bean Bag Made From the Flesh of 9 Bean Bags

    20. Giant Couch for Lounging, Bromantic Sleepovers, Etc.

    21. Jack 'n Coke Dispensers


    23. A "Wall of Plaid"

    24. A Man Cave Beer Cave

    25. A Movie Pit

    26. A Minimum of 5 Computer Screens

    27. A Throne Toilet

    28. A Pool Table That's Not Just A Pool Table

    29. A Chess Set with Your Own Head on the Chess Pieces

    30. A Literal Cave

    31. A Pile of Bacon

    32. A Recliner that Serves, Like, 8 Different Functions