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    32 Things You Need In Your Man Cave

    All the manteresting things you could ever dream of for your mantuary.

    1. A Sign That Proclaims "YOU ARE NOW ENTERING MAN CAVE"

    Here's the DIY version.

    2. A foosball coat hanger.

    This would also be perfect in a 10-year-old boy's room.

    3. This hammock.

    4. Or This Hammock.

    5. A Kegerator

    Is it a keg? Is it a refrigerator? No one knows! Get the directions here.

    6. A Hidden Bookshelf Door

    7. If You Have Roommates: A Stackable Fridge

    8. Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

    This one is $3700 from Etsy, which is well worth it because IT FUNCTIONS AS A REAL GAME CONTROLLER.

    9. DIY Pouf Made from an Old Tire

    This is totally SFR (So Fucking Rugged).

    10. A Darth Vader Refrigerator

    11. A Light Saber Night Light

    For the Man Child in you. Get it here for $19.99.

    12. Nightmarical Star Wars Taxidermy

    13. Romantic Tennis Ball Candles

    Stunning if you have floating shelves.

    14. A Wine Barrel Dog Bed

    I don't know about you guys, but my dog just LOVES aged oak!

    15. A Beer Barrel Man Bed

    16. BIG BURLY BEER Light Fixtures

    Or slightly dainty ones, like these.

    17. Le Beanock: A Bean Bag/Hammock HYBRID

    18. DIY Pac-Man Ottoman

    Get the instructions here.

    19. DIY Giant Bean Bag Made From the Flesh of 9 Bean Bags

    20. Giant Couch for Lounging, Bromantic Sleepovers, Etc.

    You could make one out of strategically placed couches and ottomans.

    Or just pile a bunch of pillows on the floor!

    21. Jack 'n Coke Dispensers

    For those who love to swig from the bottle, now you can swig directly from the spigot.


    Now that's my kind of sink!

    23. A "Wall of Plaid"

    Doesn't live up to your actual man cave: THE WOODS.

    24. A Man Cave Beer Cave

    25. A Movie Pit

    Bonus: doubles as a trampoline.

    26. A Minimum of 5 Computer Screens

    27. A Throne Toilet

    28. A Pool Table That's Not Just A Pool Table

    This pool table is also a stereo, a TV, a bar, and a video game console.

    This pool table is also an ice sculpture.

    This pool table is also a pool.

    29. A Chess Set with Your Own Head on the Chess Pieces

    You can make these with a 3D printer. The future is now.

    30. A Literal Cave

    31. A Pile of Bacon

    32. A Recliner that Serves, Like, 8 Different Functions

    #1 MUST HAVE!