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17 Reasons Why Camping Is The Best


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1. The delirium-inducing combination of cold air and a warm fire.

2. Getting to experience nature as untouched by human existence.

3. Waking up to this every morning.

There's no app for that.
Getty Images/iStockphoto andreusK

There's no app for that.

4. Watching the sky turn like, a billion colors.

6. How true to color your photos turn out.


7. Those times you get impossibly close to wildlife.

8. The times you survived not just the wilderness, but 4 different kinds of liquor.

What happens at the campsite, stays at the campsite.

9. Coffee and cozy sweaters on cold mornings.

10. The way the sunlight refracts through the trees.

11. PItching a hammock along with your tent.

12. The way your eyes adjust to the moonlight.

13. Having an experience your kids will actually remember.

Unlike the 45th episode of Peppa Pig.

14. Reading when it's just that quiet.

15. Eating crazy food you would never eat otherwise.

16. Getting to turn off your phone, not even by choice.

17. Bonding with the people you love.
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