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27 Things That Definitely Belong In Your Dream Home

One day, when you win the lottery, you can have all of them. Le sigh.

1. A Dog Shower in the Garage

2. A Hidden Room

3. A) a Balcony and B) a Balcony Desk

4. Or Better Yet, a Balcony Pool

5. An Outdoor Bathtub

6. A Backyard Cabin

7. A Mega-Skylight

8. A Window Seat-Bed

9. A Dedicated Shoe Closet

10. A Waterslide Closet

11. Or Just a Regular Slide

12. A Hydroponic Garden in Your Kitchen

13. A Rotating Sink, with Colander and Cutting Board

14. Built-In Starry Lights Above the Bathtub

15. A Porch Swing Daybed

16. A Mini-Beach Fire Pit

17. A Fireplace Porch

18. A Disco Backsplash

19. A Pool That Looks Like a Moving River

20. An Outdoor Kitchen

21. A Yard Orb

22. A Swimming-Pool Movie Theater

23. This Multiple Shower-Head System

24. A Big Glass Gazebo

25. A Fireplace Next to the Bathtub

26. A Kitchen Wine Station

27. A Yard Beer Dispenser