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The 29 Most Interesting Fashion Moments Of The Golden Globes

It was your run-of-the-mill awards show of ballgowns and old-lady dresses. Here were the little glimmers of weirdness that you most appreciate about nights like these.

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4. Hairstyle that Most Contributed to the Death of the '20s Flapper Look: Amy Adams

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

It's possibly the most tired and trying way of achieving "glamour."

5. Best Dress Worn by a Seat Filler: Cody Horn

Alexandra Wyman / Getty Images

Not sure how the Magic Mike costar got a front-row seat, but at least she managed to get noticed (by being pretty much topless).

7. Coolest Girls at the Party: Anjelica Houston and Helena Bonham Carter

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

They probably smoked in the bathroom and hung out in the parking lot afterwards.

8. Most Overdressed: Taylor Swift

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

In every photo of Taylor Swift at the Golden Globes, she looks like she's presiding over her kingdom or something.


18. Palest White Woman in a White Dress: Sienna Miller

David Livingston / Getty Images

This was tough competition, as there must have been some kind of memo going around that everyone should wear white dresses to this thing. Other contenders: Amanda Seyfried and Amy Adams.


20. Most Conflicting Hair and Neckline: Kate Hudson

Mike Windle / Getty Images

She really should have worn her hair up for this one. The blond hair and the gold sequins just kind of blend into a shiny blob.


23. The Dress that Defied the Most Gravity: Jennifer Lawrence

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

The upper deck on Jennifer Lawrence's dress seemed possessed by a whole mind of its own.

25. Weirdest Neckline: Rosario Dawson

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

You seldom see a baby v-neck on a gala dress, but at least it wasn't a plunging V like half the other dresses at this thing.

26. Dress That Looked the Most Like a Tattoo: Juliana Margulies

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

For some reason, this dress reminds me of that Presidential candidate from the Czech Republic...

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