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    The 26 Comfiest Items Of Clothing Of All Time, According To Pinterest

    We all have enough scratchy sweaters and circulation-cutting waistbands lurking in our closets. Here are some of the staple pieces that provide the ultimate in comfort, vetted by the real people of Pinterest.

    1. The Comfiest Pants

    A pinner says, "Most comfortable pants I have EVER worn!"

    The dark color makes them dressy enough for going out, and the 4% spandex provides enough stretch to feel like you're not totally constricted. They cost $168 from 7 For All Mankind.

    2. The Comfiest Shorts

    3. The Comfiest Maxi Skirt

    4. The Comfiest Flip-Flops

    Apparently, these are the "comfiest sandals." Just look at the cloud-like puffs of air embedded into the sole!

    These are the Chilwyanda Fit-Foam sandals from Adidas and they're $16.

    5. The Comfiest Tank

    People swear by Gap tanks, and they're incredibly affordable. "Comfiest tanks ever."

    $16.50 from The Gap.

    6. The Comfiest Blazer

    "Tinley's Road Bleecker blazer is the comfiest I've ever found!"

    It's a steal at $69 from Piperlime, and a solid investment if you have to dress business casual every day.

    7. The Comfiest Slippers

    A pinner insists, "Comfiest slippers ever."

    This spa thong sandal is $36 from Acorn.

    8. The Comfiest Ballet Flats

    9. The Comfiest Jumpsuit

    A pinner gushes, "American Apparel's Chambray Jumpsuit (may be the most comfortable thing I've ever owned)."

    $48 from American Apparel.

    10. The Comfiest Hairbands

    A pinner rhapsodizes, "Cutest and comfiest hairbands EVER!"

    These are $5 for a set of four. According to the description, "I love these hairbands because they are lightweight and don't leave a dumb crease in your hair when you take them out!" Creases ARE dumb.

    11. The Comfiest (and Warmest) Socks

    A pinner energetically raves, "Comfy & warm!! Best socks ever! A party for your toes."

    They're $18.95 from REI.

    12. The Comfiest Sweater

    13. The Comfiest Baby Carrier

    A pinner enthuses, "The most comfortable child carrier I own. I can still comfortably shlep my 4 year old in it. They make a light weight one for warm weather."

    It's $120 from Ergobaby.

    14. The Most Comfortable Push-Up Bra

    A pinner claims, "The Incredible by VS is seriously the best and most comfortable bra ever! It has self adjusting straps so no moving those annoying plastic things on the strap and it is so soft- yay cozy and cleavage!"

    It's $48 from Victoria's Secret.

    15. The Comfiest Non-Padded Bra

    16. The Comfiest Workout Shorts

    17. The Comfiest Skinny Jeans

    A raving testimonial: "Ok, these are not elastic waist. BUT...I own these and they are the comfiest pants ever. Feel like leggings but look structured and professional. And they have so much stretch that I can't feel the waistband. Gap is very good for those of us with wider waists and slimmer legs."

    Get your very own pair of dream jeans for $69.99 from The Gap.

    18. The Comfiest Thong Underwear


    "The MOST comfy undies."

    Get a pair in every color for $14 apiece from Nordstrom. And if that's a little pricey for you, the Gap makes a very convincing knockoff for only $9 (if you buy three).

    19. The Comfiest PJs

    20. The Comfiest Dress

    A pinner emotes, "The most comfortable thing I have ever owned!"

    Get it for $79 from Title Nine.

    21. The Comfiest Sports Bra

    A pinner says, "Best I've found. Super soft and comfy! Yes COMFY! I love this sports bra!"

    The Nike Pro Compression Sports Bra is $30 from the Nike store.

    22. The Comfiest T-Shirt

    "These are so comfy & versatile." Not to mention it only costs EIGHT DOLLARS from Old Navy.

    23. The Comfiest Backpack

    This backpack has got the "comfiest straps." Which is important when carrying heavy loads.

    $125 from North Face.

    24. The Comfiest Boy Shorts

    "Comfiest underwear EVER!"

    These are $20 from a Canadian company called The Candi Factory. They self-proclaim that the shorts do NOT ride up your butt.

    25. The Comfiest Pumps

    26. The Comfiest Long-Sleeved T-Shirt

    "Comfiest t-shirt."
    Possibly of all time.

    $17.99 from Aerie.